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The Jobs Forum is the Internet’s leading source of job opportunities, job news, data and specialty employment features for both job seekers and employers. The site includes a wealth of information on thousands of different kinds of jobs spanning all industries, including key wage information applicable to specific jobs for individual states and metropolitan areas throughout the United States.

Be sure to visit the specialty job page that applies to the career you are seeking, and check our individual job forum to exchange ideas and opinions with others. Visit our Resource section area for great tips, ideas and common sense advice on preparing and submitting resumes, seeking a job, contacting prospective employers, interviewing, dressing for a successful interview and following up with those with whom you have interviewed.

Metropolitan / Rural Statistical Wage Data is the latest information on pay for a vast number of individual jobs throughout all kinds of industries. It is organized by state and counties, covering metropolitan and rural areas throughout the United States, and further includes the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Simply go to the state and locale you are interested in then find the job type for which you seek wage data.

We wish you the very best of good fortune in your job quest, and please visit us again.
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